Bearded Vulture- Habitat Shot

The morning was chilly, it was already October and fall was giving away to winters. I was just tarrying at an altitude of 3500 Meters looking for some wildlife, mostly Monals. The weather was speckless and one could see for miles. The blue sky, and the rising mountains upon mountains until they eventually merged into …

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Habitat Shots of Himalayan Monals
A Monal Flying in the Himalayas

Himalayan Monal is probably the most colourful of any bird that I have ever seen or heard of. It is adorned with all the colours one can possibly dream or imagine of. The feathers all shades of blues, purples one could possibly think of. The Neck and Mantle a blast of Yellows, orange, reds, again …

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Blue Whistling Thrush

When I was sitting for a Yellow-throated Marten (YTM) this evening, never in my wildest imagination, could I have thought that a Blue-whistling thrush would come and bless me with a shot. This was taken in winters and that year, due to regular rains snowfall was really good, and the weather sparkling clean. As is …

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Blue-capped Redstart

I remember when I was in Mumbai and had already decided to make Wildlife Photography my career. I used to imagine, how when I go to Uttarakhand, I will set up hides, conduct workshops, expedition, all for shooting portrait of birds. That is what I had learned and seen till that time and I wanted …

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Himalayan Tahrs- Story of an Award Winning shot

Over the years, I have been extremely privileged to spend months with these majestic and shy creatures. They have allowed me to be close to them for hours at end and rewarded me with the most beautiful and intimate images. No amount of words or videos can even come close to describing the delicate moments …

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Himalayan Vulture in the Himalayas

Himalaya is huge, I mean when one spends enough time with the mountains, one realizes how insignificant, how puny, how laughable are the thoughts one has about his or her life. You come to Himalaya and suddenly one realizes how amazing this creation really is. One is left in awe, how spectacularly, how painstakingly, and …

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The Semal Tree

This is a story of a Semal tree. It was spring when I visited my paternal aunt’s village for shooting some birds. The village is safely tucked away from the hustle-bustle of a National highway and lies along a route that is used only by the locals. The village is situated at an approximate altitude …

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A Moment of a Lifetime

As a kid, I was always fascinated by movies that showed worlds that where everything was just perfect. There was no sufferings, no pain, and no anxiety. Everything just flawless in these worlds. Growing up I was made to believe that such worlds don’t exist. That it’s all a fantasy, just a blown-up creation of …

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Cheer Pheasant

There are some moments in life, these moments, these beautiful moments, which remain etched in memory forever. These moments just happen out of the blue, and are probably the most beautiful of one’s life. We may plan for these moments, we may plan in detail about what will happen, how they will happen, but they …

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Himalayan Monal-The Magic of Morning light

It was the beginning of May and although the plains of northern India were scorching in the heat, here with temperatures dropping below 0 degrees, the mornings were still freezing. At this altitude of 3900 Meters, spring was still in bloom and the mountains reverberating with the calls of Himalayan Monals in search of mates. …

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