Bearded Vulture- Habitat Shot

June 28, 2022

The morning was chilly, it was already October and fall was giving away to winters. I was just tarrying at an altitude of 3500 Meters looking for some wildlife, mostly Monals. The weather was speckless and one could see for miles. The blue sky, and the rising mountains upon mountains until they eventually merged into snow-clad peaks. It was a beautiful day to be alive.I was all alone by myself in the lap of the most beautiful music being continuously played by nature.

A Bearded Vulture in it's Habitat at Tungnath.
Bearded Vulture in Habitat

The Sighting

It was while I was enjoying all this, that I saw something black and white in the distance. Looking through my viewfinder, I saw a Bearded Vulture a.k.a. the Lammergeier sitting atop a rock on a distant slope. The first and the only thought in my mind was, “Wow this can make for an amazing habitat shot”. The mountains in the background were being lit up by the first rays of the morning sun and perfectly highlighted the rugged and unforgivable terrain, these raptors call their home. If I could position myself properly, there was a possibility of making a beautiful habitat shot.

So for the next 30 minutes or so, I scampered up and down the slope, looking for a perfect spot from which to make a shot. I made a number of shots in that 30 mins and this was the one-shots among many, I liked the most. In those 30 minutes, a male of a Himalayan Monal also showed up on the same slope, just next to the Bearded Vulture, but that is probably a shot to share for another day. Till then enjoy this habitat shot of a Bearded Vulture.

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