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Blue-capped Redstart

I remember when I was in Mumbai and had already decided to make Wildlife Photography my career. I used to imagine, how when I go to Uttarakhand, I will set up hides, conduct workshops, expedition, all for shooting portrait of birds. That is what I had learned and seen till that time and I wanted …

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A Moment of a Lifetime

As a kid, I was always fascinated by movies that showed worlds that where everything was just perfect. There was no sufferings, no pain, and no anxiety. Everything just flawless in these worlds. Growing up I was made to believe that such worlds don’t exist. That it’s all a fantasy, just a blown-up creation of …

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Auli- Will you risk your life for a shot?
Close up of Maa Nandadevi from Auli

What would you do for a shot? What are you willing to sacrifice for a shot? And no, I am not talking about money or discomfort. How about life? Are you willing to put your life on line for a shot that might probably happen? Are you willing to be wounded, injured, and probably dead …

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Brown Goral- Confrontation with Sheeps and Goats

It was up the slopes of Gorson, where I first saw a Himalayan Brown Goral. It was a small herd of 5 to 6 individuals, and I remember how scared they were. I and my friend were trekking up the slope and the moment they saw us, quickly scampered to the forests below. It would …

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Rufous Sibias on Rhododendron

Infront of my house are fields, lots of them. Interspersed with the crop of wheat, are beautiful yellow coloured flowers of Mustard. In these fields I see butterflies, like 10s of them fluttering over every field. Dancing in tandem, they spiral on to the sky and dispersing come back again to the fields. I have …

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