Cheer Pheasant

March 12, 2022

There are some moments in life, these moments, these beautiful moments, which remain etched in memory forever. These moments just happen out of the blue, and are probably the most beautiful of one’s life. We may plan for these moments, we may plan in detail about what will happen, how they will happen, but they never ever happen the way one expects them to. They just happen, and boy when they d0, aren’t they the most beautiful moments of one’s life. The most exhilarating, the most soothing, the most beautiful, the most calming, and sometimes the scariest. In these moments, is when life really happens I believe. In these moments is when one is really in the present, the past and the future really don’t matter in these moments. It is in these moments that one is really alive, experiencing the grandeur of life.

Cheer Pheasant Close up
Cheer Pheasant

Nature has been extremely kind for showering me with such moments. I have been fortunate enough to experience, probably the most beautiful of sunsets and sunrises, to revel in the tenderest moments with wildlife, to see the forests in all their grandeur, and to spend so much time in just pure love with nature.

Spending mornings with this group of Cheer Pheasants is one of those moments. Those moments when nothing, but being there matters. I first saw this group, several years ago in an area which is the edge of a forest and fields. By the way, where two different habitats meet is where one can find an abundance of wildlife from both sides. Over the years, these individuals have sort of developed a bond with me, and I have spent countless mornings with them, just observing and dipping in the ecstasy of being in their presence. This was one such beautiful morning.

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