Himalayan Tahrs-A Test of Patience
Himalayan Thar duo in Tungnath, Uttarakhand

“This is the first time that I am seeing a group of Sub-adult Male Tahrs,” I told Subodh, scampering down the steep slope to try and shoot them. The month was June 2020, a lockdown was still in place and one was only allowed to travel in the morning post 5. Shops in Tungnath and …

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Auli- Will you risk your life for a shot?
Close up of Maa Nandadevi from Auli

What would you do for a shot? What are you willing to sacrifice for a shot? And no, I am not talking about money or discomfort. How about life? Are you willing to put your life on line for a shot that might probably happen? Are you willing to be wounded, injured, and probably dead …

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Brown Goral- Confrontation with Sheeps and Goats

It was up the slopes of Gorson, where I first saw a Himalayan Brown Goral. It was a small herd of 5 to 6 individuals, and I remember how scared they were. I and my friend were trekking up the slope and the moment they saw us, quickly scampered to the forests below. It would …

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A White Wagtail

The temperature at Budha Madhmaheshwar was below freezing. We were staying in Madhmaheshwar for a couple of days now. On our third morning, we decided to witness and capture the famed sunrise from Budha Madhmaheshwar. It was before dawn that we started our quarter of a Kilometre trek and were here by dawn. Now most …

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Himalayan Tahr and a Rhododendron Tree

This was the first time ever, that I had the opportunity to spend so many days in a Bugyal in spring. It was going to be a 4 to 5 days trip and I would spend the next few days shooting a lot of Monals and Himalayan Tahrs. There were trees upon trees, all in …

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Rufous Sibias on Rhododendron

Infront of my house are fields, lots of them. Interspersed with the crop of wheat, are beautiful yellow coloured flowers of Mustard. In these fields I see butterflies, like 10s of them fluttering over every field. Dancing in tandem, they spiral on to the sky and dispersing come back again to the fields. I have …

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